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    Criminal Lawyers, Lawyer, Attorney, Attorneys

    Nowadays the activity of criminal lawyer is more than in demand: this kind of juridical cases takes one of the main places in the court practice. The work of these attorneys needs high level of professional knowledge and skills. Many criminal lawyers are virtuosic experts of juridical practice.

    Criminal attorney has to pass through many stages with his client. The first and the main step is observing of event's details and obstacles. There are plenty of cases in world practice where the main details were those factors that cannot be noticed immediately. That's why criminal attorney always keeps in his mind that details are the most important thing in his work. Professional lawyers realize their responsibility and remember that human destiny can depend on their activity.

    The next step of criminal lawyer's work is conversation with the client. During this stage professional attorneys get a big block of important facts. If the client admits his guilt, lawyers must clarify did he make his confession consciously. It often happens that people blame themselves being afraid of somebody else. It can happen after physical violence of another person, so - called blackmail or psychological pressing. In this situation attorney leads his client to take a right stand and gives him consultation about possible consequences of his statements in the court.

    The inalienable right of criminal lawyer is to make petitions (official appeal to different instances). It helps him to clarify crime's circumstances or to check conclusions of some kinds of experts. The prerogative of the petition is absolute legality: the court cannot ignore it. Thus, the criminal lawyer gets rather effective way of client's defending.

    The stage of evidences' demonstration is time for attorneys to show different references from government, social, scientific organizations that can acquit their client or extenuate his fault. The lawyer also has the right to challenge any participant of criminal case (his objection must be motivated).

    After this stage there are three important components that play their role in the case attorney is involved in. Those are lawyer's participation in the court examination, process and interrogation. Attorneys must get ready to these steps considering them beforehand. Statements and questions to the opposite sides, experts and witnesses are connected with the disproof or extenuating of client's guilt. The professional duty of the specialist is to represent client's interests till the end, because the work of lawyer is the only way of protection for this person.

    Every juridical case is individual, but criminal lawyers must always be concentrated, abide by the law and the ethical code.